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XLRstats signature

Postby Fragmeister » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:12 pm

Hello everyone,

I installed the signature module, it allow you to have a banner with your current stats on Frag server.
For this you have to go on the Frag xlrstats page, then found yourself and click on : Generate Signature in the middle of the page like showed just after :
Then you can pick up the URL of the image generated, get the link of your XLRstats page, pick the HTML code or the Forum BB-code (used on most of the forums).

Then if you want to put it as your Signature on the forum go on the "ImageUser control panel" (Top left link)
Click on Profil tab, then on the Signature menu on the left

This image is updated instantly with your current stats. Do not hesitate to put it as Signature on the others forums you go on.
Have Fun ^^
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