Tips for using the forum [README]

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Tips for using the forum [README]

Postby Fragmeister » Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:34 pm

Hello everyone,

I've noticed on some topic that some players didn't saw important posts in the forum. So I decided to make this topic with some instructions and help in the forum.

  1. When you connect on the forum I suggest you to clic on View unread posts on the top left, under the date.
  2. When the Icon of a forum is red it mean that there is unread posts, if the Icon is black it mean there isn't new posts.
  3. There is others links next to View unread posts, like : view unanswered posts, view new posts...
  4. When you write a post you can add smileys, you can't directly see by clicking on the link "View more smilies"
  5. You can change the language of the board by following this topic : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=77

If you have any questions, do not hesitate ;)
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